A Couple Of Memorable Meals!

… Fish Bread and That’s Not Pasta  Not every culture has the same mealtime delicacies.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast.  Don’t let these Siberian delicacies affect your appetite. [...]

Bucky & Tom Hit The Big-Time

In the late 1990s, when my company still owned and produced deer and turkey expos in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois, we came up with an on-site promotional gimmick to please kids attending.

3 On a Buck

I don't know whether Mom or Dad had the bright idea of cutting down a frozen buck, leaning it head-first against a tree, and then having all three of us pile on, which we did willingly.

My Most Satisfying Bear to Tag

Bill “Bearcrazy” Wiesner knew bears and bear hunting. He took 57 black bears. He, his wife, and two sons have taken more than 100, 30 of which qualify for the Pope & Young record book, and seven [...]

Letter From Bear Book Fan

Here is my story, and I'm sticking to it.  I am a 57-year-old hunter from Milwaukee.  I mostly hunt deer, by bow, crossbow, rifle and muzzleloader.