Glenn Helgeland Named 2017 Wisconsin Bowhunter’s Association Member of the Year

Among the Wisconsin outdoorsmen who have made valued and lasting contributions to the hobby, sport and business of archery and bowhunting in Wisconsin, Glenn Helgeland stands out as a notable [...]

EAB No Longer Stands for Earn A Buck

EAB was bad enough in Wisconsin when it stood for Earn A Buck in the deer hunting season.  Now, it’s even worse; it also can mean Emerald Ash Borer. We had 17 nice white ash trees on our house [...]

NEW: In the Land of the Bear

In the early 1990s, the USSR wanted to boost its tourism industry. Hunters and fishermen usually aren’t at the head of a list of invitees anywhere, but in 1991 the Soviet Union, working with a [...]