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EAB was bad enough in Wisconsin when it stood for Earn A Buck in the deer hunting season.  Now, it’s even worse; it also can mean Emerald Ash Borer.

We had 17 nice white ash trees on our house property.  Still have them, but they’re all dead and in serious need of cutting and burning.  Three are down, branches trimmed and two of the three trunks cut into handy lengths for tossing onto the burn pile.  In a couple more weeks, they all will be downed, trimmed and transported.

That amount of chainsaw work will proceed at a measured rate, giving our back muscles frequent rests, with necessary breaks for taking trimmings and trunks to the burn pile.  And for a cold, refreshing, bottle of apple ale.

We will have one hell of a burn pile after the 17 trees are reduced to burnable status.  Not in one big conflagration, but starting with a manageable burn pile and a side pile of trimmings and trunk section to feed the fire and keep the burn under control.  Got a water hose, rake and long-handled fork ready if needed.

We also will mourn a bit at the sad fate of these nice ash trees that will no longer offer shade to us nor resting places for the small birds of the neighborhood.

Then we will replant, tree species undecided.  Gotta have trees.

emerald ash borer with Target Communications

EAB signs

emerald ash borer