NEW 2nd Edition of

Become The Arrow

Byron Ferguson’s aiming and shooting system for recurves and longbows is easy to learn and reliable … and there’s more NEW ARCHERY INFO in this second edition.


Tuning Your Compound Bow

This is a practical, easy-to-follow, well-illustrated guide on high performance tuning for target, field and bowhunting – all cams, all compounds.


Core Archery

Core Archery is a systematic set of shooting form steps built around the proper use of your skeleton and back tension. Your form will be energy efficient, fatigue resistant and repeatable.



Bowhunting Combo Deal

Get ready for BOWHUNTING!

Tune YOUR FORM and YOUR BOW! How-to books by Larry Wise, National & International Champion, National and International Coach.

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Tuning & Silencing Your Bowhunting Shooting System

Covers ALL shooting systems and bow types for bowhunters more interested in getting their shooting tuned optimally than in the finer details of compound bows.


Understanding Winning Archery

The ‘bible’ for mastering the mental side of archery and getting the best performance from yourself and your tackle, whether target or field shooting or bowhunting.


In the Land of the Bear

In The Land Of The Bear

Author Denny Geurink was, for nearly 25 years, a brown bear and moose hunting guide in a strange land among a foreign culture, the first American to do so.  Russia has two-thirds of the world’s brown bears.  They are big and aggressive.  He and his clients have some wild tales to tell.

SIBERIA — Largest, most aggressive brown bears in the world; 67% of world population. Bear attacks, dangerous rutting moose, forbidding terrain, culture shock, political upheaval & more. Geurink guided here 1991-2016.


The Bear Hunting Obsession Of A Driven Man

For 40 years, Bill Wiesner has hunted black bears all over North America, tagged 57 bears, hunted them every way possible with every hunting arm, learned a tremendous amount about bears and how to hunt them successfully…and loved every minute of it. In-depth information for wannabes, beginners and experienced bear hunters.

“Bill Weisner is a master hunter/conservationists and I rely on his expertise to enhance and maximize my quality hunting experiences. His books are a must read for all dedicated sporters who want to optimize the joys and successes of our Spirit of the Wild outdoor lifestyle. BearCrazy is my Spirit BloodBrother!” – Ted Nugent

How-To: Scouting, baiting, blinds, treestands, trophy areas, dogs, DIY, spot/stalk, outfitters, spring/fall, wilderness/farms, food plots, meat & hide handling, guns/bows & gear. Wiesner has taken 57 bears with guns & bows.

In the Land of the Bear


Bear Books Combo Deal

Excitement & Adventure in the field & stories beside the campfire!

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Taking Trophy Whitetails

A wealth of nuts-and-bolts scouting and bowhunting how-to, what-to, where-to and when-to information, and to be mentally flexible to adapt to what you’re seeing.


Lessons Learned From The Magnificent Bird

An in-depth compilation of “lessons learned from the magnificent bird” in the author’s 47 years of hunting, studying and observing wild turkeys. Ideas, opinions and impressions formed and accumulated through years of interaction with the wily wild turkey.


Calling Whitetails: Methods, Myths And Magic

All about translating the sounds deer make into understandable human terms. Calling tactics based on biological facts, scientific observations and in-the-field experience, for calling techniques that work with the most consistency.



Forage Crop Pocket Guide

In-depth food plot info, species to use, nutritive values, best plot dimensions and more.



The Wild Pantry

More than 200 proven recipes, including Dutch oven, sausage, Mexican and Italian. Plus stories about great and not-so-great meals and other wild-food-related anecdotes. Great reads.


Tasty Jerky Recipes For Everyone

Make great tasting jerky with these meat handling, flavoring/seasoning and smoking instructions; recipes mild, middling and hot; meat quality selections and cutting thicknesses for different flavor and chewiness (Forever Jerky, Gone-In-A-Minute Jerky).