Tuning & Silencing Your Bowhunting Shooting System




Covers ALL shooting systems and bow styles (recurve, longbow, all compounds), for bowhunters more interested in getting their shooting system tuned optimally than in the finer details of compound bows, plus info on tuning single cam and super cam bows.

You get details on fitting the bow to your body and shooting form … understanding force draw curves and stored energy comparisons … arrow rest selection … tuning with field points and broadheads … broadhead effects on arrow flight … silencing the complete shooting system (cable, bowstring, arrow rest, limb mounts and rockers, quiver, fletching, bowsight) … aiming and shooting strategies for best results (first shot practice, varied practice shots and positions, shooting from a treestand, sidehill shooting, draw length and your bow and angle shots, sight pin strategy) … what must a broadhead be, what must it do.

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