In The Land Of The Bear




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  • Author Denny Geurink was, for nearly 25 years, a brown bear and moose hunting guide in a strange land among a foreign culture, the first American to do so.
  • Russia has two-thirds of the world’s brown bears.  They are big and aggressive.  Denny and his clients have some wild tales to tell.

23 Chapters of Adventure

  1. Journey to the Evil Empire
  2. Hanging Out with the KGB
  3. Brown Bear Natural History
  4. Bear Attacks
    • Girl Calls to Say Goodbye as Bear Kills, Eats Her
    • Bear Drags Off Sleeping Bag and Man
    • Killer Bears
  5. The People
  6. The Food
    • Fish Bread
    • That’s Not Pasta
    • Moose Meat Surprise
    • Nothing Goes to Waste
  7. The Culture
  8. Surrounded by Bears
  9. A Lesson on Fear
  10. An Encounter with the WWF
  11. American Hunter Taken to Police Station
  12. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (hunters)
    • The Know-It-All
    • The Lawyer
    • The Whiner
    • Mr. Tough Cookie
    • The Good
  1. Tales from Grizzly Camp
    • Big Bear, Beautiful Birds
    • Michigan Man Is Local Hero
    • Grizzly Hunt Gets Heart Pounding
    • Why Do You Want to Go to Russia?
  2. If It Weren’t For Bad Luck….
  3. Russian Bear Stalks U.S. Astronaut
  4. Excitement in Camp
    • Bear in the Creek
    • Bear in Camp
    • Baby Snatchers
    • Fire in My Tent
    • The Russian Way of Dealing with Poachers
  5. Big Stags on The Black Sea
  6. Lady and the Bull
    • Last Minute Moose
    • More Moose Tales
    • The Commander
  7. The Capercaillie Two-Step
  8. Encounter with Rut-Crazed Bull Moose
  9. Bear Charges Snowmobile
  10. More Tales of Bear Attacks
  11. They’re All Heart and Determination
    • Quadriplegic Hunter Takes Big Bear
    • School Report Assignments
    • 83-Year-Old Man Bags Big Brown Bear

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4 reviews for In The Land Of The Bear

  1. Gary Howey

    “Hard to put down! I’d recommend this book to all my listeners!”
    Gary Howey, Outdoorsman Adventures KTTM/KTTW-TV, radio interview

  2. Tom Watson

    “One of the best reads I’ve ever enjoyed! The history, personal accounts and natural history information are nicely blended. You hit it squarely with your comments on the friendship and no political boundaries at the one-on-one personal level.”
    Tom Watson, Camping Editor/ & newspaper columnist

  3. Ken Kieser

    “Your book was interesting from start to finish. I congratulate you. Your book will be placed with a couple of my favorites for reading again on a deep-snow day. I will definitely do reviews on your book!”
    Ken Kieser, Outdoor columnist, Independence/Blue Springs Examiner, Kansas City and book reviewer for numerous major magazines

  4. Tom Berg

    “I read the entire book in just a few days, which is pretty amazing for me since I never have any free time. I loved it.”
    Tom Berg, Executive Director, Hoosier Outdoor Writers

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