Lessons Learned From the Magnificent Bird




As a contest caller, Gary won the Tennessee State calling contest in 1988, the Lone Star Classic Open and Friction divisions in Texas in ’93 and ’94, plus countless other state and regional titles through the years.

He has judged the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Grand National calling contests for 16 years and counting. He also has judged at the U.S. Open, the NRA’s $50,000 “Great American Game Calling Challenge” twice, and many other state and local contests.

Gary has taken all five species of gobbling turkeys in at least 17 states and Mexico. He has no idea how many birds he has called in for clients and friends, but he has hunted successfully in at least four or five states every year for the past 23 years.

He says, “when a turkey is doing the teaching, two and two don’t always add up to four. When four is not the answer, we all come up with different numbers. My lessons learned through the years from personal experiences and seen through my unique set of lenses could have a different color and texture than information learned from a different source in a like set of circumstances. So…I am passing on to you my “lessons learned from the magnificent bird” in 47 years of hunting, studying and observing wild turkeys as seen through my eyes…as conclusions that I have drawn through repeated observations…as ideas, opinions and impressions formed and accumulated through years of interaction, not only with turkeys but with some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished turkey hunters in the country.

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