Calling Whitetails: Methods, Myths and Magic




Award-winning outdoor writer Gary Sefton has been teaching hunters how to call deer since 1985.  He has written numerous articles and delivered more than one thousand seminars nationwide, going back to the time he had to convince people that deer actually communicated vocally with each other.

This book is all about translating the sounds deer make into understandable human terms.  It is about calling tactics based on biological facts and scientific observations.  It is calling techniques that work with the most consistency. … No matter what you see on television, there are no magic bullets, no deer calls made by elves, and nothing works every time.

The use of deer calls doesn’t create a good deer hunter, but they can make you a better hunter.  An accurate deer vocalization done at the right time, in the right place, can be the deciding factor in making a deer hunt a successful deer hunt.

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