Understanding Winning Archery




This is the ‘bible’ for mastering the mental side of shooting the bow and arrow and getting the best possible performance from yourself and your archery tackle, whether you’re a target archer, field archer or bowhunter.

  • Confidence-building tips
  • Building blocks of winning archery … or winning performance anywhere
  • Mental control
  • Best shooting form for YOU
  • Turning negatives into positives
  • Putting equipment, shooting form and mind together for best performance — target, field and bowhunting.

“What he said and how he said it helped me raise my average 20 points without changing anything in my equipment set-up. It was all in my head,” an early reader said

This new edition includes a Hall of Fame commemorative chapter honoring author and Archery Hall of Famer Al Henderson … what made him great … how your shooting can benefit from his knowledge … plus every word of all the great insights of the first edition.

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3 reviews for Understanding Winning Archery

  1. Dick Tone

    “Al was a master at getting you to do what he knew would make you successful at shooting a bow. He didn’t care if you were a target archer or a bowhunter. He knew what to say, how to say it and when to say it. This book is his coaching wisdom in print, highly readable, easy to understand. You will benefit from it.”

    Dick Tone
    1992 U.S. Olympic Archery Coach

  2. NOTE from the publisher

    About a year after we published UNDERSTANDING WINNING ARCHERY, a fellow stopped at our booth at an archery show to talk about the book. He had had his copy several months and it was dog-eared from constant use.

    “I raised my average 20 points after reading this book,” he said, “but I didn’t change one thing … not one thing … in my tackle set-up. It was all up here,” he said, and pointed to his head.

    Al was the best psychologist we’ve known. He could get more from his archery students than they thought they had, and at the same time instill the necessary faith in themselves to repeat their successes on their own.

  3. Larry Wise

    “When I was competing and winning as a professional, I was fortunate to meet Al Henderson. I bought his book; this statement caught my undivided attention: “I don’t mention 10’s; I’d rather say yellow than gold because we are all conditioned to think ”perfect” or “10” and we try too danged hard.”

    “I have used that concept ever since to keep myself relaxed, smooth and not overly critical of my scoring. Al’s statements will do that to you. He had a way with simply stating those vital concepts that help you perform better.

    “Now that I’m coaching, every time I read his book I find another gem I can use to better relate to my students and make me a better coach.”

    Larry Wise
    World Field & Target Champion
    Book Author on Archery Subjects
    USAA Level 4 NTS Coach
    International Coach/Teacher

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