Understanding Winning Archery


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This is the ‘bible’ for mastering the mental side of shooting the bow and arrow and getting the best possible performance from yourself and your archery tackle, whether you’re a target archer, field archer or bowhunter.

  • Confidence-building tips
  • Building blocks of winning archery … or winning performance anywhere
  • Mental control
  • Best shooting form for YOU
  • Turning negatives into positives
  • Putting equipment, shooting form and mind together for best performance — target, field and bowhunting.

“What he said and how he said it helped me raise my average 20 points without changing anything in my equipment set-up. It was all in my head,” an early reader said

This new edition includes a Hall of Fame commemorative chapter honoring author and Archery Hall of Famer Al Henderson … what made him great … how your shooting can benefit from his knowledge … plus every word of all the great insights of the first edition.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 8.5 in