Become the Arrow / New 2nd Edition




There’s more NEW ARCHERY INFO in this 2nd Edition of BECOME THE ARROW!

  • An entire chapter on TARGET PANIC.  Ferguson had it and whipped it.  Here he tells you how he believes you can whip it, too, if you have it.
  • Byron’s international shooting performances — all 13 countries he has performed in, the huge crowds who came to see him shoot (up to 15,000).
  • An expanded photo display of the BIG GAME Byron has taken with his bow, as part of the bowhunting tips section. In fact, most of the new photos in the book are printed in full color, adding richness to the book’s overall appearance.
  • Special awards Byron has received.
  • PLUS…extensive bowhunting advice and tips. A skilled bowhunter, Ferguson has tagged more than 300 whitetail deer, plus five black bears, moose, pronghorn, mule deer, caribou, and wild hog. He gives you the benefit of his hunting experience, far beyond the “become the arrow” aiming and shooting concept.
You have seen him on television and at outdoor expos. Learn how you can make his shooting philosophy and style work for you.

Byron Ferguson — archery trick shot, bowhunter, longbow manufacturer — developed a modern barebow aiming and shooting system called “become the arrow” for longbow and recurve shooters. The system is easy to learn, reliable and puts your mental and physical focus where it belongs.  As Byron explains, “The arrow is the only thing that extends from you to the target; it is the only projection of yourself, of your concentration and focus. So why shouldn’t you “become the arrow”! You’ll learn the incredible value of visualization, too.

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2 reviews for Become the Arrow / New 2nd Edition

  1. Terry Harris

    “Byron, I’ve talked with several people, especially some that have attended your Shooting Clinic you’ve conducted at the Howard Hill Southeastern Classic.

    I, along with several of these archers have bought your book, “Become The Arrow” and have heard nothing but positive remarks about your book. Many of us that love traditional archery, often pick up a bow and think we can learn from a friend or just self teach ourselves. I have no doubt, after reading “Become The Arrow’, my archery skills improved tremendously. I’ve also heard the same from others.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and make the sport of archery more enjoyable for all of us.”

    Terry Harris, Howard Hill Archery Tournament promoter, Tannehill State Park, Birmingham AL

  2. Joe Byrd

    “When I decided to become an archer, I decided that learning from the best was the way to go. After searching for a while, it was recommended that I get a copy of Byron Ferguson’s Become The Arrow. This was the best thing I could have done. The time-tested, tried and true secrets that he shares are priceless. Do yourself a favor and get a copy.”

    Joe Byrd

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