Tuning Your Compound Bow




If you shoot a compound bow, this book belongs in your archery tackle box!

It is a practical, easy-to-follow, well illustrated guide on high performance tuning for target archery, field archery and bowhunting – all compound bows, all bow limb cams.

Information-packed chapters on:

  • Tuning single cam and super cam bows, updated cam material on all cam styles
  • Making, serving and repairing cables and bowstrings
  • Fast Flite string/cable system
  • Tuning cam and/or eccentric wheel bows
  • Compound bow power stroke
  • Understand force-draw curve; make it work FOR you
  • Wheel functions and tillering
  • Finding and shooting from the bottom of the valley
  • Arrow rest selection
  • Adjusting draw weight
  • Checking fletch clearance and arrow flight
  • A chapter on asymmetrical (hybrid) cams
  • An extensive chapter on 3-D tuning & shooting for bowhunting
  • Shoot testing

The added and updated material on various types of cams is extremely valuable to all compound bow shooters, but particularly to bowhunters.

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