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CORE ARCHERY is a ground-breaking book – the first guide ever written on this topic. Core archery is a mental and physical shooting form system that is energy efficient, fatigue resistant and highly repeatable … explaining the importance of proper back tension … minimizing muscle strain while maximizing use of your skeletal structure … bringing higher archery and bowhunting goals within easier reach. In sum, it is a systematic set of shooting form steps built around the proper use of your skeleton and proper back tension. The author says “It’s using mental mastery to build winning form, step by step”.

CORE ARCHERY is a complete system of archery shooting form. It is presented in this book as a sequence of proper mental and physical actions required to launch an arrow to the target center. What is significant about this system over others is that it is complete and repeatable. It consists only of the necessary and sufficient actions needed and has been validated by numerous archers, including the author, over many years of shooting and research.

Your form will repeat if you are using your core – your spine – correctly. Following that, by efficiently positioning the remainder of your skeleton around it, you will build a form that repeats and that resists fatigue.

When your form is physically complete and practiced so it operates through the subconscious mind, you must develop good mental skills to help you score high under all conditions. With Core Archery, you can do this!

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Larry Wise has been a world field archery and national target archery champion and probably the best archery technician in the world. He’s also a top-level international archery coach and an excellent teacher.

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