The Wild Pantry


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More than 200 proven recipes and dozens of handling and cooking tips. Recipes include Mexican and Italian dishes, chops/roasts/steaks, stir fry/stroganoff/kebabs, ground meat and chili, casseroles, sausages, jerky, pickling and canning, small game and birds, fish and seafood, complementary ‘go with’ foods, Dutch Oven cooking and recipes, marinades and salsas, how a proper diet helps you hunt better.

Stories about great and not-so-great meals and other food-related anecdotes: Daylight In The Swamp, Grandpa’s Stew & the Bullet Dumplings, I Like Mine Turned Over, Rusty the Asparagus Hound, Deer Camp Manhattan, Not Even the Woodpeckers, Not Even the Cows.

The Wild Pantry is an enjoyable read, as well as a kitchen bonanza.

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