Tasty Jerky Recipes for Everyone




One of the great things about making jerky yourself is that you can make it any way you like it. Jerky is fun and easy to make, and it is free of chemical preservatives (other than salt) when you make it yourself. That’s why this booklet has flavorful oven, smoker and dehydrator drying techniques featuring spicy, mild, sweet and no-sodium recipes.

There is much more to jerky than the traditional rock-hard, thin style. More variety can be produced simply by making jerky in different thicknesses, from different cuts of meat, plus, of course, different recipes and smoking methods. Men tend to prefer spicier jerky; women like sweeter jerky.

After much experimentation, most of it highly enjoyable and tasty, we’ve put together several recipes, comments and tips for making great jerky. In fact, we named three types of jerky – Forever Jerky, Week-And-A-Half Jerky, and Gone-By-Tomorrow Jerky.

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