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The Wild Pantry

More than 200 proven recipes from hunters throughout the U.S., plus details on Dutch oven cooking and a healthy diet that can help you hunt better, various sausage-making instructions/recipes, Mexican and Italian recipes, appetizers, chops/roasts/steaks/, stir-fry/stroganoff/kebabs, ground meat & chili, casseroles, jerky, pickling & canning, small game & birds, fish & seafood, marinades & salsas. Plus several light-hearted articles about deer camp meals (Daylight in the Swamp, “I Like Mine {eggs} Turned Over”, “Just the Way I Like It”, Rusty the Asparagus Hound, Deer Camp Manhattan, “Not Even the Woodpeckers”, “Not Even the Cows”).

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Tasty Jerky Recipes for Everyone

Make great-tasting jerky with these meat handling, flavoring/seasoning and smoking instructions. Recipes mild, middling and hot. Meat quality selections and cutting thicknesses for different flavors and chewiness.

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