Spring turkey horde

Judy was taking a break from Spring flower work, seated on a swing on the north side of our lawn and on the west side of our garage. I was working on a new treestand practice shooting platform in [...]

Golden Tweezer Award

My buddy Mike and I were on a five-day September bow hunt for pronghorns in western South Dakota. We had high hopes, for it was getting near the peak of the rut. The pronghorn’s, not ours. [...]

Quaker Clock

The inscription reads — “Presented to J & G (last name) on the Golden Anniversary of their wedding with the loving congratulations and warm esteem of your friends and fellow [...]

Squirrels … Amusing & Maddening

We have a bunch (call them The Wild Bunch) of gray squirrels on our lawn, leaving only tracks in the snow at the moment, and a couple of little red squirrels.  Don’t see much of the red [...]

Bucky & Tom Hit The Big-Time

In the late 1990s, when my company still owned and produced deer and turkey expos in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois, we came up with an on-site promotional gimmick to please kids attending.

3 On a Buck

I don't know whether Mom or Dad had the bright idea of cutting down a frozen buck, leaning it head-first against a tree, and then having all three of us pile on, which we did willingly.

Flowers Always Help

It was a gray, somewhat depressing day when we posted these photos.  We all needed a lift of the spirit.  Flowers always help, especially when they are daffodils and purple cone flowers, two of [...]

Recipe for Making Beef Taste Like Venison

Properly followed, these few steps will insure that your beef is mistaken for venison by even the most avid sportsman. Everyone will marvel at the amount of venison you have and how good it [...]

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