What Do Black Bears Eat?

Excerpt from Chapter 1 of The Bear Hunting Obsession of a Driven Man by Bill “BearCrazy” Wiesner Natural Diet of a Black Bear Black bears are omnivores, with their diets varying [...]

Golden Tweezer Award

My buddy Mike and I were on a five-day September bow hunt for pronghorns in western South Dakota. We had high hopes, for it was getting near the peak of the rut. The pronghorn’s, not ours. [...]

The infamous ground shrinkage

An excerpt from from “The Bear Hunting Obsession of a Driven Man” When estimating size and weight, black bears are the most misjudged big game animal in the woods. Bears simply look [...]

Quaker Clock

The inscription reads — “Presented to J & G (last name) on the Golden Anniversary of their wedding with the loving congratulations and warm esteem of your friends and fellow [...]

The Wild Pantry Cookbook – Venison, Victuals, Recipes & Recitations

by Glenn & Judy Helgeland, with favorite recipes and light-hearted stories from outdoor people like you Paperback, comb-bound to lay flat, 140 pages Excerpt: Not even the woodpeckers… A deer [...]