Rusty, the Asparagus Hound

Rusty is a golden Cocker Spaniel. He is a typical Cocker. He has no conscience, a selective loss of training and memory and, until he went stone deaf from ear infections, highly selective [...]

Quaker Clock

The inscription reads — “Presented to J & G (last name) on the Golden Anniversary of their wedding with the loving congratulations and warm esteem of your friends and fellow [...]

Squirrels … Amusing & Maddening

We have a bunch (call them The Wild Bunch) of gray squirrels on our lawn, leaving only tracks in the snow at the moment, and a couple of little red squirrels.  Don’t see much of the red [...]

Flowers Always Help

It was a gray, somewhat depressing day when we posted these photos.  We all needed a lift of the spirit.  Flowers always help, especially when they are daffodils and purple cone flowers, two of [...]

Press Pass No-Show

As the editor, way back when, of ARCHERY WORLD magazine (now BOWHUNTING WORLD), I was fortunate to have press credentials for the archery part of the 1972 Olympics in Munich and the 1976 Olympics [...]

Trio of Gobblers

Things are getting more interesting. It's now gobblers, plural, not gobbler, singular, entertaining us...and they put on a good show.

Mountain Lion Objects to Trail Camera

A COUGAR or COUGARS killed a yearling whitetail buck the night of February 28, 2016, about 80 yards west of my brother’s house in western Montana.  His dog, Molly, found the stash late the next [...]

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