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Suspicious grey squirrel

We have a bunch (call them The Wild Bunch) of gray squirrels on our lawn, leaving only tracks in the snow at the moment, and a couple of little red squirrels.  Don’t see much of the red squirrels (also known as pine squirrels or chickarees), probably because we don’t have many pine trees.

But we see the gray squirrels often.  They are up and about and feeding (in our bird feeders and suet wire cages) early.  About 7 am at the moment.  We can’t decide whether they are fun to watch or maddening.  Probably both, especially on bird feeders.  When two try to approach, there’s a swift, short squirrel fight.  Winner stays on the feeder.  Loser scrams, usually up a nearby tree.

They all dine well and often.  Not a skinny squirrel in the bunch.

They have nest holes in a big maple not far from a big window on the south side of our house.  We get “at leisure” photos there every once in a while, like the one shown above.

Grey squirrel Grey squirrel