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Glenn Helgeland, Publisher


January 14, 2022 
For Immediate Release


The Art of MODERN Barebow Shooting


There’s more NEW ARCHERY INFO … In this second edition of BECOME THE ARROW!

1) An entire chapter on TARGET PANIC.  Ferguson had it and whipped it.  Here he tells you how he believes you can whip it, too, if you have it.

2) Byron’s international shooting performances — all the countries he has performed in, the huge crowds who came to see him shoot (up to 15,000), how well he was received.

3) An expanded photo display of the BIG GAME and other trophies Byron has taken with his bow.

A skilled bowhunter, Ferguson has tagged more than 300 whitetail deer (his family eats venison nearly exclusively), record-book black bear, plus moose, pronghorn, mule deer, caribou, wild hog, upland game birds and countless small game.

4) Special awards and honors Byron has received.

                The core of the book …. learning to “become the arrow” … is unchanged from the first edition.

Byron Ferguson — archery trick shot, bowhunter, longbow manufacture, avid proponent of barebow shooting — developed a modern barebow aiming and shooting system called “become the arrow” for longbow and recurve shooters.  It is easy to learn, reliable, and puts your mental and physical focus where it belongs — on the target.  He calls it “the art of MODERN barebow shooting, taking accurate shooting one long step beyond the bow.”

Ferguson says, “Your arrow is the only bridge between you and the target…the only thing that contacts the target. That’s why you should “become the arrow”.

  • PLUS…Bowhunting tips that pay off! You will find in-depth bowhunting material in sections on: • tidal charts and moon phases • treestand placement • funneling deer • how to handle the moment of truth • hunting from the ground • hunting a creek • deer body language
  • scouting a new area • finding lost blood trails • the five priorities of bowhunting • the 10 most-frequent mistakes of bowhunting • the power of a black bear • …and more!

This new 2nd Edition of BECOME THE ARROW is paperback, 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”, 142 pages, $14.95 retail, plus shipping/handling.  It can be ordered most easily from: (pay by credit card), and also will be available at some (but not all) Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops stores, from Lancaster Archery Supply in Pennsylvania, and from some book stores in the Midwest. The book is published by Target Communications Outdoor Books (262-402-7668).  It will be available in early February.

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