A Handful of Bream

The fog lay low and the water steamed as it will do on a cool spring morning. Later, as the sun burned the fog away, we could shed our flannel shirts. At present, we were too busy catching bream [...]


Bear Shrinkage

When estimating size and weight, black bears are the most misjudged big game animal in the woods. Bears simply look much bigger than they are, especially to hunters who have not seen several of [...]


It’s The Call, Y’All

The real thrill, the glamor and the mystique that make turkey hunting such a fascinating endeavor is calling. Translating the sounds into understandable terms, then imitating them with man-made [...]

Tuning & Shooting

The All-Important Bow Arm Unit

(this article is excerpted from UNDERSTANDING WINNING ARCHERY, by Olympic Archery Coach Al Henderson) What one thing in shooting style or method, what one phase of the shooting form, is the most [...]

Tuning & Shooting

Finding Your True Draw Length

The most important decision, by far, when buying a bow is getting the right draw length. Without the proper knowledge and some expert advice, the novice – and even some experienced archers – have [...]