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The following list of questions is designed to help you find areas of weakness and areas of strength in your knowledge of tuning compound bows.  Read each question carefully and answer true or false.  Answer each question from memory; do not get your bow and check anything before answering these questions.

T / F

____  1)  Most compounds on the market today are of the two-wheel design.

____  2)  Most compounds shoot best with the lower limb tiller set one-eighth inch less than the top tiller.

____  3)  The nocking point of a compound bow should be set at one-eighth  inch above the level of the arrow rest.

____  4)  The eccentric wheels of a compound bow have the axle in the center of the wheel.

____  5)  The compound is the most efficient when the draw weight is set near or at the top of its weight range.

____  6)  The compound bow shoots best when shot from behind the valley or at the stops.

____  7)  Cam bows have a wider valley than wheel bows.

____  8)  Creeping just before releasing an arrow from a compound bow will cause the arrow to fall low.

____  9)  Placing a shorter string on a compound bow will cause an increase in the peak weight of the bow.

____  10) You are shooting your compound bow from the middle of the valley.


#1 is true and #2 through #9 are false.  #10 should be true, but if you are not sure then count it as a wrong answer.


Score Rankings

9-10 correct    Outstanding

7-8   correct    Knowledgeable

5-6   correct   Average

1-4   correct   Just getting started

0      correct   Read every word in TUNING YOUR COMPOUND BOW, at least twice.



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