A Couple Of Memorable Meals!

… Fish Bread and That’s Not Pasta  Not every culture has the same mealtime delicacies.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast.  Don’t let these Siberian delicacies affect your appetite.      They are from a book — IN THE LAND OF [...]

Black Bear Breeding & Reproduction

Male and female black bears are together only during breeding season. A female may mate with several males during her estrus. Cubs from the same litter may have different fathers. Fertilized eggs do not implant on uterine walls immediately. [...]

One-Up … and One Down

This is Memoir Chapter 5 from The Bear Hunting Obsession of a Driven Man, by Bill Wiesner. As a bear hunting guide, I took only bow hunters and never had a problem filling my schedule. However, one year a rifle-using big game hunter from [...]

Just the “bear” facts…

Basic Black Bear Body, Behavioral & Additional Facts In addition to their great strength… 1) Black bears can do a lot with their front paws and claws. They can open screw-top jars and can open door latches. Mike Brust, a friend of the [...]

Rusty, the Asparagus Hound

Rusty is a golden Cocker Spaniel. He is a typical Cocker. He has no conscience, a selective loss of training and memory and, until he went stone deaf from ear infections, highly selective hearing. But none of his physical or mental ailments [...]

The RIGHT WAY To Prepare A Wild Turkey for Cooking

Excerpt from Lessons Learned From the Magnificent Bird, by Gary Sefton. The wild turkey is the essence of turkey flavor. Comparing wild turkey to commercially raised turkeys is like comparing sardines to rainbow trout. In order to fully [...]

Helgeland Receives Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club “Peter Haupt Memorial Award”

The Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club, Wisconsin’s official big game trophy record-keeping organization, recently presented the Peter Haupt Memorial Award to long-time member Glenn Helgeland, Mequon, for his support of the Club before, during [...]

The Turkey Yelp…Cornerstone of Turkey Language

When you dissect a yelp, you find that it is made up of a high-pitched “kee” note that breaks over sharply into a sound best described as a “youk”. When you put the two sounds together you get a “kee-youk”. [...]

Spring turkey horde

Judy was taking a break from Spring flower work, seated on a swing on the north side of our lawn and on the west side of our garage. I was working on a new treestand practice shooting platform in the pines on the south side of our lawn. We were [...]