Flowers Always Help

It was a gray, somewhat depressing day when we posted these photos.  We all needed a lift of the spirit.  Flowers always help, especially when they are daffodils and purple cone flowers, two of the prettiest flowers in all of flowerdom.

Press Pass No-Show

As the editor, way back when, of ARCHERY WORLD magazine (now BOWHUNTING WORLD), I was fortunate to have press credentials for the archery part of the 1972 Olympics in Munich and the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. A few things stick in my mind.  This [...]

A Handful of Bream

The fog lay low and the water steamed as it will do on a cool spring morning. Later, as the sun burned the fog away, we could shed our flannel shirts. At present, we were too busy catching bream bigger than a big hand. A bream like this will [...]

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